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When you are doing ketubah wedding or when you have any other ketubah function, you should ensure that you get ketubah texts. It is good that you get your ketubah text that will have the right message for your function. You need to choose a good ketubah studio for you to have the best design for your ketubah text looking awesome. When you go for ketubah text, there must have a bride and a groom. The ketubah text can be written in the language that you want and that is why you should be sure that your service provider can write in the language you want. For more information about ketubah text, ensure that you continue reading.

You can get ketubah text according to the event you have. Ketubah text is used as a legal document that is used for various functions. Make sure that you crosscheck the message that is written on your ketubah so that you do not have a message that contradicts your ketubah ceremony.

Ketubah text is an official text. You need to make sure that whatever is in the ketubah text is something serious since this document is a very major one. This document can be used in case the husband dies to determine how properties will be shared and other main things that can happen in a home when there is a need.

The ketubah text must have witnesses. It is crucial to know that you will choose some witnesses that will have the text read and understood and then they will sign the text. Women are not allowed to sign the document but only the men are the ones that are allowed to sign it. The total number of men that sign the document are two and they must be adult.

It’s the wife that keeps the ketubah text. After signing the ketubah text after the traditional wedding, the wife is always the one who is responsible to keep the document and not the husband. When the wife has the document, she is assured of security and hence it is an important document that should not be given to anyone else but only the wife.

Always, the wide is expected to be in possession of the ketubah for that is what makes them be a family. In case the document gets lost, the wedded couple are not allowed to sleep together as husband and wife and if they want to resume their normal life they must replace the document with urgency. The new document that has been replaced also must undergo the process that the original one underwent.

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