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What to Do When Attending a Defense Medical Exam

If the defense has requested for you to take a medical examination, then there are certain things you must take into consideration. It is very important to prepare yourself for the said examination and below are the most essential factors to do.

– Not all people know that the examination starts as you enter the parking lot. This would simply mean that somebody might be watching you as you get out of the car and walk to the office.

– When you are asked to describe what happened during the accident, it is recommended for you to say a general description. Go out go to the details yet.

– During the defense medical exam, you have to expect to describe to them what the impact has caused your body. How your body moves is essential to determine the connection of your body to the impact.

– Another essential thing for you to consider is your injuries caused by the accident. During the medical examination, you must be able to clearly describe your injuries. However, this should be consistent with what you tell your treating doctors.

– When it comes to describing your pain, you must do it by intensity and frequency. Do you feel the pain daily? Or often throughout the week? How much pain do you feel? Doctors will usually tell you to tell the intensity of pain on a 1-10 scale. It is very important to tell the intensity level.

You may tell that the pain you are feeling may be moderate, but it gets severe as you perform certain activities.

– In this case, you will have to describe the pain by telling your limitations. This refers to the limits of your physical movements. Do you have a hard time lifting things, sitting on a chair, standing, bending, or sleeping? Or, is the pain limiting you to do your daily routine, sports, and work?

– Do not be surprised if the defense doctor will conclude that the pain you are feeling has nothing to do with the accident. This is what usually happens. But, it is not recommended for you to convince them.

– When giving your description, avoid using absolutes like always or never. Be as specific as much as possible. For instance, you must tell how much frequent you feel the pain. You can use daily, twice, or thrice depending on how often you suffer from it.

– Be very careful with the antics of the defense doctors. In most instances, the doctors will tell you that you are just making up the pain complaints or you are exaggerating things. The doctor, for instance, will lightly touch your injured part in hope that you’ll winch in pain. If this happens to you, then tell the doctor that he has touched the injured part but it is too light for you to feel the pain.

So, these are the different essential things you must know before you go for the defense medical exam. Make sure to get yourself ready prepared because what you answer will affect everything.

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