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How To Stop Cancer Spread

Cancer is staged according to tumor size, and how far it has spread in the body of a human being. This stage helps the doctor to decide which treatment is most likely going to work. Also, the doctor will give a general outlook. There are different staging of cancer and some are specific to certain types.

It is easier to treat cancer before it has gotten the chance to spread. Treatment of cancer depends on the stage and the specific type of cancer. But in many cases treatment consists of more than one therapy. Cancer can be stopped using a few processes.

One can stop cancer spread through radiation therapy. This process uses high energy rays to kill cancer cells or stop them from growing. These rays do target a specific area where cancer cells have been found. Radiation therapy can be used to relieve pain or destroy a tumor. Also used after surgery to destroy any cancer cell that may have been left behind.

Surgery. This is performed depending on the type of cancer you might be having. It is preferred to be the first-line treatment. When surgery has been done to remove a tumor the doctor also makes sure he or she has removed a small tissue that is surrounding the tumor to decrease the chances of a cancerous cell that may have been left behind. Surgery can also be used to stages cancer. By checking the lymph nodes near the primary tumor can determine whether it has spread. After the surgery, you may also need chemotherapy or radiotherapy to remove any cancer cells that may have been left behind or may have been reached the blood. If the tumor cannot be completely removed, the surgeon opts to remove a part of it. This is if it was causing pain to other organs of the body.

Chemotherapy can also be used. This is a systematic treatment, where chemo drugs enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your body to fight and destroy dividing cells. Chemotherapy used to kill cancer. It is also to slow the cancer growth rates and reduces the chances of new tumors from forming. It is very useful when cancer has spread beyond the primary tumor or you may have a kind of tumor in which there might be no targeted therapies.

Targeted therapy process. This depends on the specific type of cancer. However, not all cancers have specific types of therapies. This is the drugs that attack a specific type of proteins that do allow the tumor to spread and at the same time grows. These drugs can cause the existing vessels of blood to die, which can usually shrink to form the tumor. There are some types of cancer like prostate and breast cancer which requires hormones for them to grow. Hormones therapy can stop your body from producing hormones that may feed cancer. They also stop the hormones from may be interacting with cancer cells. Hormones therapy also prevents them from recurrence.

Immunotherapy. This is a process that helps your body to fight cancer. These drugs strengthen your immune system. Immunotherapy also detects cancer cells in the body. Bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow transplant acts as a replacement to damaged blood-forming cells with healthy ones. This procedure takes place through large dose chemotherapy in order to kill cancer cells. It also prevents your stem cell from producing cells that might be cancerous.

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