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Hormones And Weight Loss
To live a healthy lifestyle you need to ensure you get enough sleep, do regular exercises, take healthy foods and reduce sweets. However, there may be a time when you do all this and still find yourself gaining a lot of weight. A lot of factors could be resulting in this like your hormones. Hormones have been found to have a direct relation to weight gain. It becomes hard to lose the extra pounds regardless of putting a lot of effort. Read on for you to know more about weight loss and hormones.
Weight loss resistance can be caused by hormone imbalance, medications, adrenal imbalances and thyroid imbalances. It is easy for you to blame yourself for the nagging pounds. You may think that you are not eating nutritious foods or working out enough. You still can do things the right way and be far from your goal weight. The amount of weight you lose is significantly determined by the internal processes in your body. There are some obstacles that are not related to what you eat and how you exercise.
It was important that you don’t confuse weight loss resistance with plateauing. It is normal for your weight to plateau while on a weight loss journey but only for a short time. However, after a short time you are able to overcome the challenge and keep losing weight. This is what is known as plateauing. Weight loss resistance is whereby you don’t see any progress for weeks or months.
Insulin is a hormone that stores fat. It stores the excess fat from the foods we consume for later use as energy. The level of insulin rises each time a person eats. This in turn leads to a portion excess fat being stored for later energy. In the past, this was a great survival skill during famine. However, because of availability of food, nowadays this defense mechanism is no longer applicable. Because the extra fat stored by insulin is not used, it causes obesity.
There are plenty of foods that results in high insulin. Excess glucose gets to the liver and muscles where it is stored as glycogen. Particular foods raise insulin levels more than others. They are refined carbohydrates, sugary foods and processed foods. Taking too much of these foods causes insulin resistance. It becomes hard for your fat cells, muscles and liver to utilize blood sugar.
Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes are caused by insulin resistance. When hormones are imbalanced, stress hormone cortisol increases. High cortisol levels can result in health complications like weight gain, anxiety, sleep disorders and fertility issues.Consider hormone replacement therapy if you have the above explained issues. Do extensive research for you to identify the best service provider.

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