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With a friend and later husband, we experienced years of passionate sex that did not compare anything that we or I had experienced with previous partners. We slept less together after pregnancy, but the taste returned over time. The more a partner was worried when he began having erection problems with age. He did not know it, but I knew that he was eating it, waking up in the night, and generally not working calmly despite the fact that he was always a cool man. The doctors didn't like it, so I was looking for a solution myself for a long time. I was glad when I discovered a natural product to support erection and immediately ordered it.
Back to a happy life
The husband was initially uncomfortable with the preparation until he had tried it and did not adequately appreciate it. Now we have a happy sex life similar to this after our acquaintance. The son is already an adult, he found his own living and we are glad that we have a house for ourselves.

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