Not only summer refreshment

  • 05, 04, 2019
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Can you go on hot summer days, maybe even during the summer of grandma to introduce a better refreshment for both small and large than quality ice cream? We certainly didn't, that's why we were not idle and we had to work with the development of an instant mixture for the preparation of this frozen deli. You may be saying that anything instanyl can't be good. We are happy to take you out of error, because our mixtures are absolutely unique in this.
A delicacy for everyone
It doesn't matter if you intend to use them for your home production, or you have a refresher stall, everyone will be on your own. We offer you mixtures on a creamy and fruity basis, suitable for vegans and celiac. Choose what you want to offer and then just prepare the mixture according to the instructions. But beware, do not, or will not taste well.

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