Why this year again to the Mácha region?

  • 05, 04, 2019
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The answer is easy. The beautiful and romantic landscape, which was sung by a renowned poet, attracts many tourists to visit again. When choosing a holiday we always ask for a few things, especially what area to choose and what type of housing to choose. If we have children, it is very important to choose what will be best for them. A visit to Mácha's Lake will fulfill all this. As we know, children are unhappy in closed hotels, where it is impossible to go, you can not be a jerk or play with a friend. They would definitely choose a place to see interesting things, they can swim in the nearby pool with attractions or directly in the lake. They want to get stuck while mom prepares dinner or get acquainted with a guy from the neighbors. This all meets the Chalet village Elite of the old Splavy. It is located almost on the lakeshore in a quiet location. We know that children always have the power to give away, even if we are already with the charge we will accept a chair for sitting. And that's why it's good if they have room for games, even if we already like to have a coffee or sit on the veranda of the cottage. Therefore, this place is just suitable for families with children and for a quiet, family vacation. So do not hesitate and consider this option, you will be satisfied.

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